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Important Practice Policies

  • The requirement is for swimmers to make it to practice at least one day a week all season. Swimmers must have swum once to be eligible for that week's swim meet. We strongly encourage swimmers to attend more than once a week if they wish to truly improve throughout the season. The more they come to practice the more they will learn and have time to work on their strokes. If swimmers cannot make it to practice every day, that’s okay. Illness and vacation waivers are the coach’s discretion.
  • During practices you are more than welcome to stay on the pool deck, however coaches and council will not be responsible for your swimmer/s safety unless they are in their designated practice schedule. 
  • If you drop off you must ensure an adult is available to pick up your child when practice is over.
  • Please do not talk with the coaches during a practice. If you need to speak with coaches send them an email to schedule one on one time away from a general practice. Coaches want all their attention for the swimmers during practice time.
  • Please do not talk with your children when they are practicing. We have only a small amount of time to work with your children.
  • Children are allowed in the swim team portion of the pool only at their designated practice time. If not practicing, they need to stay off the deck where the coaches will be walking and working with swimmers.
  • Swimmers and families must adhere to the Berkshire HOA swimming pool policies. This includes monitoring and managing siblings who may be using the open swim area and playground.
  • Swimmers are to practice only in their designated age-groups unless other arrangements have been made with prior coach's approval. Siblings may have different practice session times.
  • We will have practice if there is a light rain. If it is thundering or lightening, practice will be cancelled. Please subscribe to the Berkshire Barracudas Swim Team Facebook page for all text alerts.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk with the coaches; after practice or through e-mail is always best. Coaches are open to all feedback and suggestions!

Practice Weather Policy

What to do in case of weather on practice days?

  • We will practice, we will never cancel practice before practice starts
  • If raining and the coaches can see the bottom of the pool, we will continue with practice
  • If Thunder and/or Lightning occurs we will have to get out of the pool for 20 minutes for each occurrence. Then practice will resume after the 20 minute delay.

We will send a message through Facebook, if this occurs

  • If we have to cancel practice, we will send a message through Facebook and send an email
  • If you don't hear from us then practice is ON.
  • Before emailing parent reps or coaches...please check our Facebook page and/or your email.
  • Please search for Berkshire Barracudas Swim Team on Facebook to be added to our group and receive notifications there.

Berkshire Barracudas Head Coach


Phone: (404) 993-4788

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