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Volunteer Job Descriptions

Herewith a brief overview of each of the volunteer positions. 

Should you have any additional questions, please contact our

Volunteer Coordinator Sandy Howe


Two lane timers (one from each team) are assigned to each lane. Each timer must have 2 stop-watches. Their responsibilities are as follows:

  • For 50 & 100 yard events, before the start of the heat, the recording timer (usually the home team timer) should verify the swimmer’s name(s) on the lane timer sheet or the relay time card. For 25 yard events, timers should hold swimmers from the previous heat and verify swimmer names AFTER the next heat has begun.
  • Ensure their watches are reset and ready BEFORE each heat.
  • Timers are to start their watches with the flash/smoke of the gun or strobe light.
  • If a watch fails to start, the timer must notify the back-up timer IMMEDIATELY. If there is no back-up timer available when a watch fails, this must be noted on the lane timer sheet or relay time card.
  • Watches are to be stopped when the swimmer touches the pool wall at the end of each event. Timers are not to “judge” whether or not a touch is legal. This is the responsibility of the Stroke Judges.
  • The time from both watches, in hundredths of a second (.01) should be recorded on the lane time sheet or relay time card.The lane time sheet or relay time card will be picked up by the runner and taken to the scoring table. Times will be used to determine all awards.
  • Timers are to time EVERY heat, whether or not there is a swimmer in their assigned lane. This is to ensure times are available in the event of back-up failure.


    Each team will supply one back-up timer with a stopwatch. These timers will start their watches for every heat. If a lane timer calls for back-up, the back-up timer will give the lane timer the back-up watch or time the heat, whichever is easier.


    Each team provides at least two adults to supervise their respective team areas. These adults gather swimmers according to events and heats and deliver them to the staging area in a timely and organized manner. Each team also provides two adults to supervise and maintain order in the staging/starting areas. These adults are responsible for keeping swimmers in the correct positions according to event, heat and lane assignment as swimmers move through the staging area to the starting blocks.


    The home team provides concessions during meets. The Barracudas concessions position involves setting up tables, preparing for food and drink storage and sale during the meet (i.e., having coolers ready for the food when it arrives, icing drinks, taking and filling customer orders and handling money.)


    Each home team provides runners who take lane timer cards or relay time cards from the timers to the scoring table after each heat. Timely and accurate scoring of the meet depends on reliable and efficient runners.


    Each team provides representatives who assist the Computer Person by reviewing and averaging times recorded by timers, and verifying data input. Scorekeepers also apply statistics labels to swimmer award ribbons.

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